Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Things...things are not going so well right now. I have to worry about the following things:

1. Not knowing how to teach/teach ESL/teach ESL to Chinese students

2. Still not really knowing where I live or where my school is

3. Not being able to communicate with anyone about anything, including cab drivers and food vendors

And I have too little time to manage any of this. Things are...not so good.

PLUS. I was about to purchase some items from the supermarket with my last 100 RMB when the cashier gestured that my 50 RMB note was fake. Um...what. So then I tried my US debit card. No, that didn't work either for some reason. It was terrible. People were angry-looking behind me in line.

I will be fine, I think/hope. Bur today? Not so much.

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