Sunday, April 13, 2008

More pitchers.

It's weird to take photographs of a place in which you live, yes? Also, I don't want to look like a tourist all the time. Nevertheless, here are some photos. The large intersection is one I have to cross to get lots of places; there are no street directors (traffic lights?), so it's really...awkward. These are all from my neighborhood, or the places on my walk from the subway to my house. Yes. So.

Also, the internet situation is not a good one right now. I'm exceedingly frustrated. It's very bad. It will improve when I have my own internet. But right now, the internet and I are not besties.

UPDATED: So, now I am sitting outside of y apartment complex, where there is a strong wireless signal. Farewell, Starbucks! I tried calling my parents (church, I presume) and figured I'd finish this task I started earlier.

Oh. And the restaurant with the crab? I actually had dinner there tonight. It's across the street from my house. It was decent. I will return. Beef + strange mushrooms + MSG. Yum. Goodnight.

UPDATED: That was a week ago. I now have (slow slow slow) Internet in my house. My photos will be uploaded to Picasa as they are taken. I'm not going to take many photos though, because I kind of LIVE here and want to seem like that's the case. You know?

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