Friday, April 11, 2008


This is technically my first post from China. I did write a bit on the plane, but that is neither with me (I'm in an internet cafe; it'll be a few weeks before I have internet in my apartment) nor was it technically written in China.

I am here.

I cried only a little bit, last night, after being awake for 27 hours and being taken to my apartment. Which, after being awake for 27 hours, is not at all perfect, but now that I have had some sleep, it is not at all terrible or bad. No kitchen sink; an open shower; poorly lit. But enormous, and lots of sunlight, and modernish amenities. And in a decent part of town.

I just realized I left a bath towel and some cleaning supplies somewhere in China that I bought a few hours ago. Oops.

I think this will be fine. Better than fine, in fact. But defintely, at the very least, fine.

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