Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting better all the time.

Things today were much--ok, not much, but somewhere less than much and more than slightly--improved. I half-taught three classes, and will teach a whole class in an hour. So.

Today, in my intermediate class, we had the David-Sedaris-discussing-holidays-with-his-French-class experience. I cannot recall any specific moments of unintentional levity, as I almost fainted due to the heat in the classroom (it's 80F here right now, and the school has not turned on the A/C yet), but it was much enjoyed overall.

I have lost quite a bit of weight so far, but that will change. This morning, I put on a shirt that's usually embarassingly tight, and it was loose as a goose. My jeans that normally leave red welts on my pelvic bone? Falling off of me. I am going to blame it on the 45 minute walk to and from school, coupled with the new food, menage-a-trois-ed with being constantly stressed and high blood pressured. Still no "food poisoning," even after several delicious experiences with street food. So, a mixed bag, but one I'll not complain about carrying.

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