Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Due to, I think, the messy handwriting of one of the Chinese teachers who wrote down the address of the Seoul-Tianjin ferry office, I walked for about 1.5 hours up and down one long street, trying to locate this place. She copied the phone number down incorrectly too, meaning when I called for assistance, it was a home phone number (I'm sure having a frustrated-sounding English-speaking man on the other line sounded just like the folk stories of "white devils" that are still passed around in China).

Today, I will succeed. And then teach for many hours.

I went to Carrefour, the French supermarket (and subject of protests last week here and elsewhere in China, due to Sarkozy's comments about the Olympics) yesterday, and spent 100yuan on basically junk food. I took four bags of random things (cookies, kim chee, and some berries that taste like sour bananas BUT IN A GOOD WAY) home with me. And then went running. A good Monday if there ever was one.

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