Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dry by winds.

My teacher cohorts took me out to eat fantastic sichuan food, and then to Ali Baba, the foreign bar here in Tianjin. It was lovely. A club featuring a live band that played all our favorite songs from 2004 followed; I'd never heard "Get It Started" by the Black Eyed Peas sound so great.

So, I'm not sure if hair conditioner exists here? I was at a supermarket today, and looked at a huge wall of hair care products for about 30 minutes before a saleswoman just plucked a bottle off the wall and handed it to me, pointing at some Pinyin.

Everyone speaks Mandarin here. There is a handsome, blond white guy sitting across the room from me who is carrying on perfect conversation with two Chinese men. I am making learning my first priority. Well, after finding a map of this city. Also, after learning what street my apartment is on.

The kitchen situation: so, I have no kitchen. Paola, a teacher, explained that it's probably because my bathroom used to be the kitchen since having a private bathroom was not a huge priority until recently. So, that's why there is no kitchen. Buying food is apparently cheaper than cooking, though, and Paola has a huge perfect kitchen, so if I need to cook I'll go to her house. (SHE MADE GNOCCHI AND BANANA CAKE YESTERDAY.)

So, I think technically I am completely fucked in every way? But the novelty of it all hasn't worn off, and I have a feeling I'll be comfortable by the time it does. Thus, I am a-ok.

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