Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tank Man.

I suppose I'm feeling nostalgic for the relative security--both personally and professionally--I felt in China during my time there. Thus, I finally decided to watch FrontLine's piece on the stirring image of a white-shirted man standing down a parade of tanks during the June 1989 events in Tiananmen Square titled "The Tank Man." Produced in 1996, it's a bit dated, but still offers a tragically enthralling narration of those protests and the subsequent massacre of potentially thousands of innocent Chinese.

I think it's free to watch on PBS' website.

2 months in.

I've been out of China for over two months now, and it's been rough. I don't know why I thought I or my situation or my social connections could change positively just by my planned absence from them. The I I left behind is still here, making the same mistakes in the same dysfunctional personal relationships.

Didn't I order an entree of Change at China Cafe, or was it even on the menu? I can't remember anymore.

Fuck this. I'm going veg.