Monday, April 21, 2008

In which I take a wife.

So, either people have been very polite, or they are completely unaware, of the fact that I am Robot Model Faggotron 5000. But, every male has told me with a guffaw that Chinese women are not generally open to loosely-defined relationships. If you indicate that you are interested in courting them, they ("they") decide that you are interested in marrying them, and proceed accordingly. (This is usually relayed much more coarsely, but my parents read this, so...)

Take Evangeline, for example. We met while waiting for the Noodle Man to finish making Terna and my noodles for lunch last week. Evangeline was Terna's student at one point, and we got to talking, etc. I gave E. my phone number, because I thought someone said I was supposed to befriend the students? She has since attended every one of my level 9 classes (no, she's not on the roster), and texts me frequently. Until today, the texts were very general: "I hope you're having a good evening!" "What are you up to this weekend?" and so on.

Today, I received these:

No, I am not ill, or cold, nor did I express either of these feelings to her. Sigh. "How do you solve a problem like Evangeline?"


Shannon said...

Oh. My. Lord.

Brian, I love you. But you don't have to court or marry me. You just have to keep experiencing and writing stuff like this. ♥

lauren said...

PLEASE take Evangeline as your wife! She obviously cares much about you. She doesn't want you to eat irritative foods... that is sweet. AND, she wants to be sure you know about the possible increase in the number of rainy days... so that you can remember your umbrella. She wouldn't want you to find yourself in need of an obituary, and that is the kind of person we all need in our life.

Love ya oodles!