Friday, April 18, 2008

On teaching: Part 1 of Many.

I'm pretty sure that right now, I'm not a great teacher. I think I might be sort of boring? Perhaps I talk too much? Perhaps the students don't really understand the concept of relevant experience as it relates to a job interview (maybe they don't understand "job interview?")? I am not sure.

I think what makes James (my supervisor) a great teacher is his comfortability with the material (which he wrote and has taught for two years (we teach the same material over and over again every 4-6 weeks for each of 10 levels) (does that even make sense? a terrible teacher I am!)), and his comfortability with the students (he knows most of hem, since they begin at level 1 and continue through level 10).

I do not have either of those traits right now. So. It is hard.

I'm teaching afternoons and evenings for the next two weeks (two level 9 classes and one level 6); that's 18 hours a week. I just signed my contract today, which is for 25 hours a week (which means I would teach one morning class, two afternoon classes, and one MWF evening class).

Weekend: I was supposed to go to Beijing but now I am not? So. I will learn my city then. And! I have a one-week holiday the first week of May; I think I might like to travel to Harbin, a mountain-y city with lots of Russian influence?

Good weekend. Uh, after a class I am teaching in an hour.

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