Monday, September 1, 2008


I had a delightful weekend, all things considered. The "all things" being that I had some surgery on Friday morning and left for Shanghai Friday evening. I still managed to enjoy myself, amidst a few types of awkwardness.

My favorite moment of the weekend occurred at around 7AM on Sunday morning, when I was awoken by a middle-aged woman screaming at the top of her pollution-ravaged lungs. She had, for reasons unknown, decided to scale the side of a building and hang from electrical wires, so that she could reach into her victim's window and throw things from inside of this man's house at him while assaulting him with her staccato soprano melodies. He tried to shut the window on her, pinching fingers and body, without success. I'm not sure what happened in the end, because I was laughing too hard to continue watching. Just another Sunday morning for some, but a freakishly merry sight for others.

Please, please--if you need any sort of surgery (from a lobotomy to the removal of a splinter from your index finger), leave the Asian continent. Srsly.

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