Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy September 11!

So, you know how people in the US are kind of racist? Well, people in China are kind of racist too. Except, well, they don't mind telling stories about racial profiling in class.

I have this really awesome student who I've taught a few times (and let sneak into classes he wasn't registered for), and we were talking about crime, and I asked if anyone had ever witnessed a crime. Well, Karl witnessed a "crime" a few days ago: he saw a Uighur man "offer someone a cell phone" on the street and called the police because "the cell phone was stolen." he only knows this because the man was from Xinjiang, which means the predominantly Muslim part of China. See, it's kind of like when white people started hating brown-looking people who may have been Muslim after "jiu yo yo."

Chinese people: they're just like us!

Otherwise...yeah, I have too much to do before my parents come. Like, making their visas happen and making their trip happen and also go to Hong Kong for a few stressful days to get a new tempo-visa for myself? My life is a series of Ikea instructions.

Teacher's Day! I got lots of well wishes and mooncakes.

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