Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And another thing:

Who says that choice is so hot anyway? I mean, aside from reproductive rights, equal marriage rights, and these other esoteric, academic "freedoms" we "hold dear," do we really need the choice between two-week contact lenses and one-month contact lenses? I think not. So, instead of becoming flustered at Contact Lens Store #1, which ordered the wrong side lenses in the hopes that I wouldn't notice (announcing later that they actually just don't make them in my size), I loafed to Contact Lens Store #2, where they didn't even stock 2-week disposable lenses, but they did have my side and prescription in stock in the one-month variety.

I probably would have overlooked the fact that IT DOESN'T BLOODY MATTER had I dealt with this in the US. Here, conversely, given the lack of availability of choice (due either to a language barrier or the general system of things), I feel less bothered with the inconsequential mosquito-details I would have fretted about in the US.

Please, please, please don't make me leave this wonderful, terrible place. I'm serious.

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