Saturday, March 7, 2009

A month in pictures.

1. I rode around in this beautiful 1937 Chinese motorcycle. It's a reproduction of a BMW military vehicle. It was...grand. Alan spends too much money on everything.

2. You were too good for this world.

3. It's hard to see from this photo, but if Cheri Oteri and Mariah Carey had a baby, it would be Getha.

4. I had my first flu/food poisoning/clash with death two weeks ago. It provided a good base for getting back into shape (since I didn't eat for 4 days), but let me tell you: vomiting in front of a group of ogling students in the toilet is not a pleasant experience.

5. Oh, XīZàng. First, you won't celebrate the way They want you to. Then, you fuck it all up for Oasis. The throngs of marching military men They've sent to intimidate you was inevitable.

6. I'll miss this little guy.

7. Snake wine is as terrible as it sounds.

8. I'm finally at the point where I can say, "I'm leaving China next month." NEXT MONTH. Theo's bought his tickets for India; we're going to travel around the fabled Golden Triangle (with a side-trip to Mumbai) and return to the US in May.

9. I don't really sleep much anymore. My mind dashes from one huge ordeal I'll have to surmount in the next month to another, resulting in lots of tossing and turning. Plus, my China Manifesto as woefully untouched, which means...I have a lot of work to do before April 15.

10. There is so much great music out right now. Thank you M. Ward, Neko Case, bird & the bee, Lily Allen, Beirut, Animal Collective, William Elliott Whitmore, and all collaborators on the spectacular Dark Was The Night for-charity compilation. You melodically drown out the daily sounds of China.

11. I'll write more in the future than I have in the past, I promise.

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Shannon said...

Ooops. I commented on the wrong post. =) I did see that crazy plane-missing lady on the news though.

Where are you going to be living when you come back? I just said "yes" to a CL guy for a room in his 3 BR in Roscoe Village. I'll be moving there right around when you get back.