Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50 years ago.

50 years ago today, China gripped its fist around its south-westernmost regions, after resisting an attempt by Tibetans to fortify some semblance of an autonomous identity. I'm gearing up for mayhem (as is the thousands-and-thousands-strong military presence there) that will only be reported in non-Chinese news sources. Hold on to your hats!

Oh, and Uighurs: you're next.

Things are coming together here, but that's not helping my sleeplessness. Today, with the help of one of my Chinese bosses, I bought my ticket to Delhi. I'll arrive there at 1AM on April 1, for what I hope will be an unforgettable (and unsmellable) three weeks. I'm heading to BJ Thursday morning to process my tourist visa. Otherwise, I just need to decide some important-but-not things: should I ship most of my belongings back to the US? Should I swing through Perth on my way to Chicago to visit my Aussie bud Jared? Where the hell am I going to get my hand-made suit from?

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