Friday, August 8, 2008

Teh kidz aren't alright.

I hate my students today. All of them.

First: why would you waste your parents' money taking really expensive English classes if you aren't going to try to fucking learn anything? You are in your twenties; do you know how long I had worked before I was your age, you shit brained twits? Seriously. Go be an adult now and let the people who want to learn, learn.

Second: Seriously? You have no interest in thinking about terrorism, except in an simplistic, "the government tells me not to go to Beijing during the Olympics because of terrorism" sort of way? You have no original ideas of your own, and you call yourself a citizen of the world? I am presenting you a forum for discussing a real, world issue, but you would rather watch rom-coms and talk about love and other shit that doesn't really matter? Are you fucking dead inside?

Plus, I have had to turn down another marriage proposal today, except this one from a fellow teacher (who I genuinely like as a person; she's my second-favorite of all the Chinese staff).


No, no--wait. Awkward was when she told my boss she and I were dating, and I had to tell my boss, "you idiot, I'm a big fucking fag" when he didn't believe me that we weren't.

China, you wasteful, horny cur! Behave!

Olympics this weekend. Oh, the terrorism! However will I survive?!?

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