Thursday, August 7, 2008

Consumption is the new Mao.

So, I bought a bike on Monday for 400RMB, an awesome sewing machine on Tuesday for 800RMB, and a brilliant haircut tonight for 20RMB. I love China sometimes.

Well, until the bike's stolen (I have to carry it up a flight of stairs, at the stern request of my apartment complex guard), the sewing machine breaks, and my haircut grows out into some Frank Gehry-looking menagerie.

I'm traveling to Beijing this weekend; I scored some cheap tickets to see men's gymnastics on Saturday and fencing on Sunday. Various forms of recklessness and frivolity will ensue between events.

Pictures might be up now, unless I go to bed (I should really go to bed).

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Obsessive Baker said...

Dear B,

Glad you are getting out and about. The opening ceremonies were over the top!
How are the bike and sewing machine working out? What is the material world like there? Silks?
Cottons? other?

Love from