Thursday, June 19, 2008

Giving bits of fuck.

I'm fairly certain I had never eaten a fresh cherry until yesterday. I just don't like the artificial cherry flavor, and made the logical, though incorrect, assumption that it was somehow reminiscent of the actual flavor of a cherry.

It isn't, I learned, after buying three huge handfuls of cherries at the market yesterday (for about $1). They're quite outstanding.

I had my first Chinese lesson this evening. For the last two months, I've done everything I could to avoid studying Chinese. With the impending visits of my parents and Cyndi (and everyone else pleasedeargod come visit me) I really should be able to navigate this incomparably confusing country. Perhaps if I'm paying for it ($7/hour), I'll be motivated to give a bit of a fuck about it?


lauren said...

I really REALLY want to come visit but I so SO cannot afford the airfare. I suppose if I saved up I could "afford" it, but then I would suffer immense amounts of guilt over having spent such a great amount of money on something selfish, for just me. Sometimes being a "grown-up" really bites.

Kudos on giving bits of fuck... that is a great accomplishment!

sheilapunkarelli said...

I can't believe it about not ever eating cherries. they're my favorite fruit on the planet.