Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything was going well until...

...I found out I have a motherfucking jesus christ what the fuck meeting with the PSB tomorrow morning, which is the governing body of all foreigners in China. So, I'm now once again thinking I'm getting kicked out. And just when I was beginning to get comfortable all over again. This is so fucked.

Like, my boss said, "they're going to take you into a dark room with no windows and ask you a lot of questions." WHAT?

If I weren't so drunk from the stupid, pathetic foreigner's bar, this would probably be worrying me much more than it actually is.

But srsly, jesus christ.

The thunderstorm will lull me to sleep.

UPDATE: No interview. Just a photo. I don't know why my boss would worry me like this. Does it make any sense? No.

Going away party for Terna last night. Another party on Saturday. Some sights, some shopping, some sanity before my enormously busy week next week.

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Anonymous said...

Weird, it's already Friday where you are.

I hope everything turns out okay. If for some reason it doesn't, let me know immediately and I will be the first one at the airport waiting for you.