Thursday, May 29, 2008


So apparently I am perhaps moving on Saturday to another apartment? I am so confused. I got a text from my boss: "Brian, are you free on Friday to look at an apartment?" Um, no, I am not, because I teach from 11-8 remember?, and then I am going to Beijing because I HAVE PLANS FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN IN 48 HOURS. And then I talked to the Chinese under-boss person, and she said, "yes, if you like the apartment you have to move on Saturday morning." WHAT. Please, people.

The original plan was/is for me to move into a teacher's perfectly nice apartment that is available at the end of June. I don't know why things must change now.

I know, I know: "living abroad should ease my rigidity" and all that. Still, I think it's reasonable to expect plans that have been known for awhile (I am now remembering the Chinese under-boss mentioning something about "when I move" earlier this week, but I thought she meant "to Terna's apartment in a month") to be shared with the person they affect the most.

Also, this reminds me of the day I had to immediately switch desks with my boss one afternoon at my previous job, which was really stressful and worry-inducing (although technically this should ease my mind? I don't know.)

Indian food tonight!

I also just had a dirty, dusty run, as it's quite windy today, and the construction-caused debris gets kicked up and about. So I am visibly soiled.


Shannon said...

"If you like the apartment you have to move...?"

Tell them you hate it. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

that is weird.