Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Monday.

And, all the anxieties of my first few teaching days have arisen from the ashes. New students, new lessons, and a supervision on Wednesday (it's a standard, all-teachers-are-watched-once-every-two-months thing). So.

I was propositioned via text and telephone to be someone's husband-ish today. So that always feels awkward.

Things are looking up otherwise! A trip to Beijing this weekend (and a package from my parents will be waiting there for me!), perhaps one again next weekend, a gallery opening here in my actual town with an artist I actually know!, and assorted other grand plans.

And since I've vowed to never again purchase chocolate-filled Oreos (or any other cookie-resembling confection), Teh Suprfatt which I have become will soon transform into a handsomely-bodied devil.


Anonymous said...

If you ever call yourself fat again I will slap you.

Anonymous said...

ALSO--are you okay? I heard on NPR that there was a gigantic earthquake in China today. Did it affect you at all?