Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 of Clubs.

Things I value about Chinese clubs, which exist solely because Chinese people have nothing to say to each other and therefore need distractions when they're out and about:

1. Playboy "bunnies" (a.k.a. very sad, possibly trafficked girls who "dance" on the "dance floor")
2. Champagne flutes descending from the ceiling holding waifish Chinese female dancers
3. The black-and-white-striped, pleasantly overweight girl who danced by herself all night long
4. Skeleton-clad male dancers on a high platform, successfully bringing back the robot dance
5. The charming, typical 90s ghetto girl in a frilly pink Wonderbra, baggy cargo pants, and construction boots
6. A tall Chinese man singing the Backstreet Boys ubiquitous "Everybody" on a stage
7. A short, stout Chinese man singing "In Da Club" by...possibly, 50 Cent? on a stage. I'm not well-versed enough in pop-rap to know.
8. Chinese people. They're so CUTE!


Lauren said...

If its the "In Da Club" I'm thinking of it's by Usher (and it might be my ringtone... maybe :o).

Shannon said...

It's 50 Cent. I have the "dirty version" on my workout iPod mix. ;-)