Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wode che zai nar?

I wish I knew.

Remember two weeks ago, when amidst the other panic-inducing factors of my life, I thought my bicycle was stolen, and it turned out to have simply been "hidden" by a staff member at my school "for my own good?"

This time, it's really gone. I left it, locked, outside of my building with 100 other bicycles on Sunday evening, only to discover Monday morning that it had been snatched away in the night like a sixteen-year-old's virtue.

But, I have too many other things to think about at the moment, like my trip to Shanghai/Hangzhou next week, and the nightmarish "retreat" I have to attend this weekend with my fellow-educators, and lessons for students with whom I share a mutual hatred.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your bike. Maybe it was stolen by the same assholes who took mine last summer.

lauren said...

and the ones who stole mine in 2005 too!